Build wealth through music royalties

Invest in a next-gen income-generating asset that provides constistent weekly payouts.

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Breaking the Sound Barrier in Music Investments

For too long, music catalog investments have been a privilege of the wealthy and exclusive music royalty funds. With Ripe Capital, we're opening the gates, making it accessible for everyone to invest in the rich world of music royalties.

Why invest
in music?

RIPE Capital portfolio yield is up to 30%, significantly outperforming traditional investments like S&P500 or real estate

Stability and Predictability

Music investments offer steady returns through royalties, providing a stable income source that's insulated from market volatility.


Music royalties can deliver a robust income stream compared to traditional investments.

Resilience in Markets

Music's consistent demand sustains earnings even in economic downturns, ensuring reliable dividends and ongoing returns.
All figures being presented show annual yields. 'RIPE Portfolio Yield' is based on actual investor performance since Ripe Capital’s inception (up till November 2023).

Does music investment seem like a distant dream?

We believe everyone should have the chance to grow wealth through music royalties. We've fine-tuned RIPE over the years, so you can begin your investment journey in just 5 minutes.

Ripe Capital helps you build a diversified music portfolio
AI system forecasts music catalogue returns
We grant access to top-tier artists

anyone can invest with ripe

ripe capital


AI-based streaming data scanning and predictive analysis to find promising music assets.

Start with

Our tokenized platform enables low investment minimum and lets everyone invest in music easily.


We offers investors stable payouts every week.

How it works

You invest in RIPE
starting at just $10

Ripe Capital acquires music catalogues, tokenizes them as well as collaborates with talented artists to amplify their reach.

Artists engage in the "Tune In Like It's Yours" initiative

We boost our artists' music through strategic marketing and involve them as co-investors on our platform. This approach ensures steady catalogue value and maximizes returns for all.

You and the artists
prosper jointly

This collaboration allows your investments to yield strong returns while uplifting emerging talents - blending business with positive community influence.

Supporting Artists, Driving Impact

We buy artist catalogues and make them co-investors, promoting their financial growth and championing a vital social mission in the music community – actively bridging the financial divide between promising musicians and the industry's top artists.

What artists say

Luca Testa
TOP 123 DJ Mag
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Ripe Capital is an investment platform for tokenized music royalties, allowing artists to monetize their work and investors to access a diversified asset portfolio.